Olympin Board of Directors

Olympin's Board of Directors consists of seven individuals:

Don Bigsby: President

Don BigsbyAfter attending the Lake Placid 1980 Winter Olympics, Don’s passion for pin trading and amateur sports prompted him to create Olympin in June 1982. His objective was to create a forum for people to enjoy pin trading without having to attend the Games, and hence make new friends around the world. The Club has expanded to include members from over 30 nations. As a result of falling in love with the Olympics and pins, Don has been to 17 Olympiads. Don continues to write the quarterly newsletters over the past 37 years, and he still enjoys working for the Club. His collection consists of Athlete and Media pins, plus several other types of Olympic memorabilia. His greatest treasures are the memories from attending the Games and Pin Shows, and the wonderful friends he has made from many nations. Don had the honor of running in the 1996, 2002 and 2006 Olympic Torch Runs.

Sid Marantz: Vice-President

Sid Marantz headshotSid has attended 17 Olympic Games, his first being in 1960 (Rome) as a teenager with his family. He started collecting pins while attending his second Olympic Games in Montreal in 1976 and resumed the hobby about a year before the 1984 Los Angeles Games when he joined the Club. Sid was also among an elite group of people who wore and acted as "Sam The Olympic Eagle" Mascot during the 84 Games. Sid specializes in bid, NOC, and media pins but will trade for any pin he does not have for his collection. He enjoys "churning": Trading for a pin he already has and replacing it on his board for the pin he just traded away as he believes the most fun is in the trading. The people he meets and the memories he acquires rival his collection in importance. Sid has helped staff and manage numerous trading centers for Coca Cola, Local Games Organizing Committees and Games' sponsors. He has spoken and written extensively on pin trading for various organizations, journals and magazines. He currently serves as a member of the Pin Commission of AICO (International Association of Olympic Collectors).

Pam Litz: Secretary

Pam LitzPam has attended fifteen Olympic Games so far with PyeongChang 2018 being the most recent. Her passion for the Olympics and for pin trading began during the Los Angeles 1984 Games when she was a teacher and served as an Olympic volunteer in public information. At the Opening Ceremonies after observing various small groups huddled together trading pins, she stood in a long line at a souvenir stand to buy a few, made her first trade with a Korean wrestling coach from Seoul, and has been totally hooked ever since. She loves the combination of traveling, reuniting with old friends, making new ones, and trading for more of those little treasures. During the past few Olympics, Pam has been involved as one of Coca-Cola’s “experts” at their pin trading centers and enjoys coaching newcomers to the hobby as they make their first trades. She is a long-time member of Olympin and helped to organize and coordinate the 2014 Olympin Collectors Club Show in Los Angeles.

Jon Becker: Treasurer

Jon Becker headshotAn Olympic memorabilia collector since the early 1970’s, Jon has collected just about everything Olympic over the years. It all started with a family vacation and a side trip to the Munich Olympics in 1972, and has encompassed many more Olympic Games, both Winter and Summer. Along the way, Jon’s business career gave him excuses to attend and broadcast coverage of the Olympics on radio. He has written articles on Olympic memorabilia for newspapers and magazines, authored or co-authored several books and monographs on various aspects of the subject, and is a member of the Executive Board of the non-profit, Lake Placid Olympic Museum. Jon has also appeared on television and radio programs over the years promoting the hobby. He has been asked to do appraisals on numerous individual items, as well as entire collections, and has given several appraisals for items on PBS Television’s Antiques Roadshow. Jon has also co-produced numerous Collectors’ Fairs since 1990. In an earlier life, he was a professional photographer, and has been able to create a library of thousands of photographs of all types of Olympic memorabilia.

Ingrid O'Neil: Board Member

Ingrid O'NeilIngrid O'Neil's professional career began in an auction house for worldwide coins in Michigan, eventually becoming a dealer for worldwide historical medals from the Renaissance period on. One day she came across her first Olympic Games participation medal, and she has been hooked on the Olympics ever since. Beginning in 1990, Ingrid started to hold auctions for Olympic memorabilia, leading her to organize the very first auction held during an Olympics during the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. She also organized a very successful exhibit as part of the Cultural Olympiad titled "100 Years of Olympic Memorabilia" in downtown Atlanta to which collectors from many countries sent their prized possessions for display. Other Olympic auctions followed in Lausanne (at the IOC Museum), Rio de Janeiro, Seoul, Colorado Springs, and Salt Lake City. On May 4, 2019, she will hold her 85th Olympic Memorabilia Auction. Online bidding began with Auction 81. Ingrid has attended many Olympic Games since Barcelona in 1992. She is considered one of the leading experts in many areas of Olympic memorabilia, and was recently asked to join the AICO Memorabilia Commission. Known by elite collectors worldwide, Ingrid is passionate about the hobby and is proud that she can contribute to its future growth by serving on the Olympin Board.

Justin Hou: Board Member

Justin HouJustin Hou, born in 1984, has been an Olympic memorabilia collector since 2007. He joined the Olympin Collectors Club in 2008 and is a life member since 2011. Justin is the first man to visit all Summer, Winter and Youth Olympic Games cities. He was also a torchbearer for the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games and the 2016 Rio Olympics. Justin is currently vice president of the China Sport Philately and Collection Association.

Ron Finnigan: Board Member

Ron FinniganRon Finnigan has been a member of Olympin since 1987. While he collects Olympic pins, as many in Olympin do, he specializes in regional multisport games such as the Pan Am Games, Commonwealth Games, Central American & Caribbean Games and Canada Games. Ron has attended 11 Olympic Games. This past July, saw him at the Pan American Games in Lima, Peru – his 30th multisport games! Ron also collects graphic standards manuals and smaller paper items, no doubt attracted to them as consequence of his career as a professional engineer working in Toronto. Although he does not collect torches, Ron did have the honor of carrying the Olympic Torch for Calgary in 1988. Over the years, Ron has been actively involved with Olympic collecting, having led the bid for Vancouver to successfully host the 2009 Olympin show, and as a volunteer with the Vancouver Whistler 2010 Bid Corporation. Ron looks forward to not only working with the club’s existing members, but finding ways to attract younger members to help grow the Club.